The student academic coaching system is a student-coach partnership that focuses on the process of learning. It aims to create a personalized plan for the student’s success. The student academic system coaching teaches students positive learning habits that help them achieve their academic goals. The primary goals of this system are enhancing academic performance, developing study skills, boosting confidence and motivation, encouraging self-reflection, and developing learner autonomy.

Students engage with the system by proactively scheduling appointments based on the specific skills they seek assistance with. These sessions are efficiently conducted within a 20-minute timeframe, with all details communicated to students via email by the university. To kickstart the journey, each student receives a comprehensive four-week strategy plan. They are presented with the option to either adhere to the recommended strategies or devise their personalized approach. Throughout this period, students meticulously document their progress on a designated chart and meet weekly with their coaches to discuss the details of their ongoing progress. After four weeks, students meet with their coaches for feedback. This session helps them reflect on their progress, discuss any challenges, and celebrate achievements.