FSMVU has become a member of SUNY COIL in 2023.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) offers a connection to universities in diferent parts of the world to work collaboratively as part of their coursewok. Having a COIL collaboration offers a chance for intercultural experiences and interaction through meaningful online and virtual contact.

What is COIL – Watch this video: LINK


How can you find partners? There are partnering fairs four times a year, and also a partnering bulletin.

Interested Instructors may contact the SUNY COIL Coordinator at FSMVU.


Coordinator: Inst. Zeynep Bilgehan CAN

E-mail: [email protected]


COIL Course Planning Procedure:

Currently, FSMVU Prep is working on 3 COIL collaborations with universities from Mexico and USA.

You may check the website of SUNY COIL for more detail here.





FSMVU has been a member of Global Partners in Education since 2018 and has been offering the Global Understanding Course in the Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program within the Modern Languages. Global Partners in Education is a membership organization led by East Carolina University, USA providing Higher Education students with international learning opportunities via Global Virtual Exchange. The experience offers students chances for intercultural communication and collaboration.

We offer the ‘Global Understanding’ lesson as an elective

In the past FSM has carried out lesson together with universities from different continents around the world. These included universities from USA, China, Chile, Ukraine, Poland, France,  and Gambia.


You may check the website of GPE for more detail here.